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Just Beginning
On Sale December 10, 2014

Jenny's life has been a series of screw-ups, but when she and Gabe fall in love, she grabs happiness with both hands, determined to prove herself to all those doubting Thomases—even if that means hiding her past from her one true love.

I love meeting and getting to know readers. Come visit me on my Facebook page or blog where we chat about all kinds of things books, writing, kids, families, hobbies . . . you name it. And join in the conversations. Everybody's welcome!
BTSemag's Readers Choice Red Carpet Book Awards 2014 Theresa is a finalist in "Rising Star" category of BTSemag's Readers Choice Red Carpet Book Awards 2014. The Rising Star is awarded to authors with 1-3 books published, with stellar reviews.
Trevor Allen I'm so excited about this new cover... my cover photo was taken by this amazingly talented Nova Scotian photographer, Trevor Allen. He's a big bear of a man, who strikes me as being friendly and totally unpretentious, and he takes the most wonderful photos. I love the emotions he evokes through the mastery of his work. Too bad he has to live so dang far away from Colorado! Take a look: Trevor Allen Photography, Blog, or Facebook.
Just Beginning
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